Montego Bay Airport Guide to Montego Bay Airport (MBJ)

Montego Bay Airport Transportation

Montego Bay Airport Transportation leads passengers to transfer to the city centre by different ways of transportation such as shuttle, bus, taxi or by simply renting a car.

Jamaica stands for a country worth to be seen due to its paradisiac beaches and stunning nature, that is why passengers should know how to reach at least downtown Montego Bay from Sangster International Airport.

To know more, please keep reading the information detailed below about the Montego Bay Airport Transportation:


At Montego Bay Airport some hotels offer inbound and outbound shuttle transportation. For further information about the shuttles in Montego Bay Airport, please ask to your hotel.


Transportation by bus is done at Montego Bay by the Montego Bay Metro. The service consists of three routes, even none of them operate to and from the airport, they operated from Montego Bay Transportation Centre in downtown.

On the other hand, Knutsford Express and Minibuses operate in Montego Bay.

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From Montego Bay Airport it is possible to get to downtown within 15 up to 20 minutes.

All taxis are waiting for you in the stands outside customs exit. A couple of companies offer services from and to Sangster International Airport.

Expect an average fare of USD 10.00 to downtown Montego Bay.

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Car rental

The best option to explore the sunny and tropical island of Jamaica in the heart of the Caribbean is without a doubt to rent a taxi at Montego Bay Airport.

Driving in Jamaica might seem challenging, that is why you’ll find some tips and advices in the car rental section to consider if driving in the island is suitable for you or not.

Find the car rental companies at the Ground Transportation Hall, in the ground level of the main terminal.

Just remind you can book your car online through our search engine!